L’ecommerce della pubblicità per le PMI.
ManzoniPlus è la nuova piattaforma web per l'acquisto di pubblicità di A. Manzoni & C. S.p.A., progettata per permettere alle piccole e medie agenzie e alle PMI di avere accesso a tutta l'inventory pubblicitaria online di una delle maggiori concessionarie digital italiane.

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Manzoni Plus

Use ManzoniPlus and run your bespoke campaign by choosing the products that suit your planning best.
From the classic display to a performance-campaign, several products to reach the campaign KPIs and achieve the set goals.

Why to choose
Manzoni Plus

Through our platform you can finally and independently plan on all the sites in our concession, opting for performance or awareness goals.
A complete offer that includes, the best national and local information, entirely at your disposal, easily and without any intermediation.

How it works

Click on the links to find out how easy and intuitive it is to use the platform and create your typing campaign in just a few steps.

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