Affari & Finanza

Affari & Finanza is the first economic weekly magazine in Italy and the first supplement to a newspaper dedicated to the Economy and Finance.
Born in 1984 as an eight-page insert inside the Republic and transformed two years later on a separate coast, Affari & Finanza provides readers of the Republic with the tools to understand economic-financial phenomena.
A weekly magazine that tells Italians the most important economic facts, highlighting the circumstances in which they developed and the characters who played a key role during the events. Always with a simple and clear language, and the typical approach of information journalism.

Birth date 24 ottobre 1986
Head Editor Carlo Verdelli
Senior Editor Fabio Bogo
Periodicity Settimanale
Issues price Supplemento gratuito con Repubblica

Press size

Single Manchette, 1st page

Mini quadrotto


2 columns

Quarter of a page

Maxi quadrotto

Horizontal half page

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Double half page

Double page

Big Box 1^ pag.

Mini Piede 2^ pag.

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