Alto Adige

The first copy of Alto Adige was published on May 24, 1945 in Bressanone, by a group of journalists back from the Resistance. Talking about emotions and interests of the italian community living in the Bolzano area, the newspaper took the place and the offices of "La Provincia di Bolzano", the newspaper of the fascist federation. First published by CLN and by a cooperative of journalists and typographers, held later by S.E.T.A. (Società Editrice Tipografica Atesina), l'Alto Adige turned into a regional newspaper from the end of 1946, opened an office in Trento too and incorporated the "Corriere Tridentino". Since then it came out on top as the first regional newspaper. Two local publications: ALTO ADIGE in Bolzano ( and TRENTINO in Trento ( The 62% of Trentino Alto Adige population declared to read and appreciate the local press.   

Head Editor Alberto Faustini
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