First german language newspaper in Italy, Dolomiten is a catholic-inspired independent newspaper whose goal is spreading a daily information across the southern Tyrol, with a particular attention to the ethnic, cultural, economic and social reality of the population speaking german and ladin and living in that area. It was founded in 1882 with the name "Der Tiroler", but afetr going through some bad moments because of Italy and fascism politics acquired southern Tyrol, it became "Dolomiten" in 1926, adding the subtitle "Tagblatt der Sudtiroler" (newspaper of southern Tyrol) as the war was over. Dolomiten is published every day except sunday.

The free supplement Wiku is published on Wednesday. Wiku is about qualified personnel research, tourism, motors and more; the supplement "Magazin" is published on friday and is about tv shows and programs. The 88% of southern Tyrol population appreciate Dolomiten.    

Head Editor Toni Ebner
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