Gazzetta di Reggio

Gazzetta di Reggio became a liberal newspaper in 1860, after being a legal notices paper during Risorgimento period. Just like other italian daily newspaper, it had almost one century with troubles: the socialist opposition between '800 and '900; the change of its name into "Solco fascista" during Mussolini regime; the new edition in 1947 as Gazzetta di Reggio; the bankruptcy of its publishing company in 1977. Gazzetta di Reggio was published again in 1981 thanks to the commitment made by Editoriale Le Gazzette (now part of Gruppo L'Espresso). Gazzetta di Reggio is today a service newspaper available to the city, with no political ally, with a credible and reliable information. A meeting point for the different social classes and business in Reggio and its district. Gazzetta di Reggio approval reaches the 56% of the population living in Reggio Emilia and its distric who state to read the local press.    

Head Editor Giacomo Bedeschi
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