Il Piccolo

The name Il Piccolo comes from the very small format of the first publication of the newspaper in 1881. Back in its first 30 years, Il Piccolo used to be a political newspaper about irredentist ideals of the city of Trieste. On the eve of Italy's entrance into the war, a devastating fire destroyed the newspaper headquarters, which were rebuilt at the end of the conflict. After alternating events during the fascism period and the second world war, Il Piccolo was published again in 1955, early becoming the newspaper of citizens of Trieste. It has two local editions (Trieste and Monfalcone) with well-defined editorial content: national and international news, just like a complete city and district information. Il Piccolo approval reaches the 33% of the population in Friuli Venezia Giulia that state to read local press.  

Head Editor Enrico Grazioli
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