Il Venerdì

Il Venerdì was born as a Repubblica magazine in the wake of the weekly color supplements of the great international newspapers, with the aim of achieving a balanced mix between words and images, and soon confirming the most eloquent example of success in Italy of the genre of infotainment, summary of information (current events, events and characters), entertainment (society and customs) and service (television programs). Strong of the bond with the Republic and with its big names, Friday has its dignity as an autonomous editorial product, with its own identity, role and readership. Friday's reader is high-spending, active, interested and modern, looking for serious and relaxed reading; buy the magazine on newsstands on Friday and keep it for the whole week (thanks to the section dedicated to television programming). The relationship between reader and magazine goes beyond the simple concept of supplement: 1 reader out of 4 in fact acquires Repubblica because there is Friday.

In May 2019 on Friday it changed its face: a renewed graphic, bigger characters and titles and lots of new contents starting from Gad Lerner's "Infidel". Without renouncing the traditional features like that of Natalia Aspesi.

Birth date 16 ottobre 1987
Head Editor Aligi Pontani
Periodicity Settimanale
Issues price €1,50 con Repubblica

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