La Nuova Ferrara

La Nuova Ferrara was first published on May 5, 1989 as the fourth edition of Publishing Group Le Gazzette, which earlier released Mantova, Reggio and Modena gazzette. For this "Gazette System" the publisher (nowadays GEDI Group) seriously invested in technology: a centralized typografical system to print common national pages, whereas the local reports are printed and edited locally. Over more than ten years La Nuova Ferrara has become an important newspaper in its territory, with a particular attention to the information of the main town and district. The summer pages about its seaside, wrote by a local editorial staff, pushed its distribution all around. La Nuova Ferrara approval reached the 49% of the population living in Ferrara and its district that state to read local press.    

Head Editor Giacomo Bedeschi
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