La Prealpina

La Prealpina was first published on December 2, 1888. Nowadays it is the most read and distributed newspaper in this area with profound social, economic and cultural interest. The good combination between business dynamism with tradition is also reflected in the newspaper, that carefully combines local news with the most important national and international topics. By its circulation and readership, La Prealpina is the irreplaceable tool for a direct communication with the citizens in the district of Varese. On June 2011 the newspaper renewd itself: a tabloid-shaped format, smaller than the previous one, and a new graphic that makes it more readable and modern. La Prealpina approval reaches the 63% of the population living in Varese and district that state to read local press.   

Head Editor Maurizio Lucchi
Issues price €1,30

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Box 1st page

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2 columns

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