La Repubblica Milano

La Repubblica Milan: a newspaper in the newspaper!
Located in the center of the newspaper, removable and distributed with the Republic, the local editions are the authoritative voice of nine of the most active and evolved regions of the country, in whose pages the citizen has the opportunity to observe and judge the social, the organization and the functioning of the nearest public authorities. All this with the editorial style and the wealth of contents that distinguish the mother's daily life.
The local editions of the Republic aim to provide their readers with the news closest to them, those that mostly involve their interests and curiosities and that solicit their commitment more: they are in fact pages dedicated to the economy, to work, to the news, to the environmental problems, politics, entertainment and the services of the respective areas of diffusion.
The Republic of Milan is widespread throughout Lombardy and in the provinces of Novara and Piacenza.

Head Editor Carlo Verdelli
Senior Editor Piero Colaprico
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