L'Adige is the newspaper of people living in Trento. It is the leading newspaper in the territory because of its distribution, prestige, trust and cultural identification. It was first published on April 1, 1951 as a new version of the newspaper ""Il popolo Trentino", which was earlier published in 1946. It conquered the readers' trust over the years, enhancing and reinforcing its first place in circulation, with staff in Rovereto, Riva, Pergine and Cles. It is a widespread information and a prestigious place for political, social and cultural debate in the District, thanks to its qualified leader writers and collaborators constantly present on the front page and cultural sections. Nowadays l'Adige is part of the identity of people living in Trento, it reflects the culture of mountain, solidarity, environment bond, people faith, cooperation, association, plurality. That's the reason why nowadays many loyal readers follow l'Adige, both on page and new digital platforms.   

Head Editor Pierangelo Giovanetti
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