L'Arena was published on October 12, 1886 at the same time when Italy took back the city of Verona and the region Veneto. Over its more than 130 years of history, it became one of the most solid and established newspaper in the territory, with readers out of any social-cultural class (students, employees, housewives, business people and shop keepers). The local or national and international news is punctual and complete. The clear and short information style is very engaging, its reports and columns are very famous. L'Arena is a high quality publishing product with a good reputation, and its weekly appointments with classified advertising reinforce its service to readers. The editorial offer is enhanced by many special monographic pages about a sector, product or service. These pages are often edited as a second spine. L'Arena approval reaches the 75% of the population living in Verona and its district that state to read local press.       

Head Editor Maurizio Cattaneo
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