L'Espresso, first published more than 50 years ago, is a great democratic and civil traditions newspaper. It is actually one of the most important publications for the italian journalism scenario, thanks to its most prestigious names in journalism, to the ability to analyze, to research and to its reports. This is the place where the innovation and ideas arise, where news are discovered. The reader of L'Espresso is high-educated, with high income, and a profound social and professional commitment. His/her consumption leanings and habits are obviously established by earnings, which make him/her interesting and interested as well. The bond between L'espresso and its readers is expressed by a high loyalty in reading, which is reinforced by its pushing beyond to get to the truth, and its ability in denouncing and revealing in advance important topics, not discussed elsewhere.   

Birth date 2 ottobre 1955
Head Editor Marco Damilano
Periodicity Settimanale
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