Libertà, the newspaper of Piacenza and its district, was founded in 1883 by Ernesto Prati who directed it until 1920. His son, Filiberto Prati, and his nephews later, Marcello and Ernesto, continued that work. The two nephews had completely restructured the newspaper after the war, and one of them, Ernesto, has been editor in chief until 1994. The editorial line is mostly about the city of Piacenza and the part of the region called Emilia, as well as about Lombardia and the city of Lodi in particular. La Libertà is all about the city social and politic scenario, and a privileged interlocutor in the dialogue with citizens. A chance to express and confront is guaranteed for everyone, in accordance with the editorial line which is laic, democratic and the voice of civil progress values. La Libertà approval reaches the 88% of the population living in Piacenza and district that state to read local press.     

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