Messaggero Veneto

Il Messaggero Veneto was first published on May 24, 1946 as the newspaper of Udine and Venezia Giulia area. In 1968 it's been the first newspaper in Italy to indroduce the cold pages composition. It kept up with editorial technological develop, so that it reached those areas mostly affected by the earthquake in 1976, turning itself into the voice of that population. It was for years an original editorial formula between the magazine and the typical newspaper, which is exactly what it is today, with a balanced relation of local information pages to national or international news. This new formula achieved readers approval and had spread the circulation all over the region. Il Messaggero Veneto has two local edition in Udine and Pordenone; its approval reached the 46% of the population living in Friuli Venezia Giulia that state to read local press.  

Head Editor Omar Monastier
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