Taboola, an exclusive partner for Italy of the A. Manzoni&C advertising agency

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Taboola is a leading content recommendation platform

Thanks to its property technology, Taboola provides its clients advertising contents only to users who are truly interested in the offer/product on desktop as well as mobile sites.

The agreement signed with Manzoni allows Taboola to carry out its "content discovery" activity on a premium publishing network, which boasts in addition to the Gruppo GEDI sites (among which,, Deejay, MyMovies) and the local GNN newspaper sites, also MSN, Huffington Post, Business Insider, Caffeina Magazine,, Hearst, deabyday and over other 100 verticals.

Taboola, in Italy, registers record numbers: 43{}each of active Internet users; over 18 million single users per month; 1 billion pages seen per month.

All advertising campaigns are monitored in real time and improved in order to reach the established goal lead generation, traffic building, mobile application downloads, etc.

This is exactly the reason why sectors including Automotive GDO, Finance and Telco consider Taboola the ideal tool to reach their performance objectives.